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Eclaro: A Trusted Partner for IT Consulting

In today’s fast-paced world of technological innovation, it can be challenging for companies to keep up. IT salaries far outpace other business sectors and top companies are forced to fiercely compete to keep the best talent on their staff. The traditional outsourcing model has been the band aid solution to solve these issues, but it comes at the cost of lower operational control, lower quality, higher attrition and lack of institutional knowledge. That’s where staffing industry veteran Eclaro shines with its innovative approach to outsourcing.

Eclaro’s collaborative outsourcing model, or co-sourcing, creates a shared management structure so both the Client and Eclaro are fully committed to success, open communication and collaboration

Eclaro is a Business and Technology consulting firm founded in 1999 by a group of industry professionals, and headquartered in NYC. “Our objective while building Eclaro was to provide customized human capital solutions to the IT industry,” says Paul Sheridan, Principal at Eclaro. “There is no one size fits all model,” adds Tom Sheridan, Principal at Eclaro. “We have to craft a solution that will meet the unique challenges each of our clients is facing. Our flexibility gives us our edge.”
Eclaro’s clients are given dedicated teams of highly-skilled consultants who are integrated into client teams, managed by client managers and work on client hours. This model allows Eclaro’s clients to lower cost and boost productivity, while maintaining operational control. Eclaro offers full lifecycle development and infrastructure expertise, data management and business process support services. Eclaro currently has four Global Integrated Delivery Centers (GIDC) in the Philippines and plans to double its operations there within a year. Recently the company acquired a contact center to supplement its existing capability to support its clients’ needs.
Eclaro’s collaborative outsourcing model, or co-sourcing, creates a shared management structure so both the Client and Eclaro are fully committed to success, open communication and collaboration. “We strive to be long term partners and develop lasting relationships with our clients,” says Paul. “Establishing a partnership with our clients has always been our priority.”Eclaro’s partnership model also engages its consulting staff, which is demonstrated in the low attrition rate of less than 3%.
Eclaro’s GIDCs are equipped with high speed data connections that allow consultants to connect to client networks through VPNs for improved bandwidth and security for virtual desktops.The Philippines has a long standing relationship and deep cultural alignment with the United States, and Philippine laws mirror US intellectual property and business regulations. The Philippines also boasts the highest rated Business English proficiency level worldwide by Global English Corp.
In addition to Eclaro’s operations in the Philippines, Eclaro has nine offices across the United States and Canada. Eclaro provides professional hiring services for many Fortune 1000 clients, and project-based consultants through a traditional staffing model. Eclaro’s Managed Services division provides deliverables-based and workforce management solutions.
“At Eclaro the client comes first, and the consultant comes second. We believe that when our clients and our consultants win, so does Eclaro,” explains Tom.
Paul Sheridan & Tom Sheridan, Principals
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Paul Sheridan & Tom Sheridan, Principals

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